For the time being I’m not looking to leave Pasqal but I am interested in smaller consulting jobs, advising companies or giving talks in my areas of interests. Always interested in speaking with interesting startups.

Some areas of interest and examples of jobs I’m interested in are:

Technical leadership assistance for start-ups

I’ve gone through the motions a few times now and also experienced the pain points as you grow beyond 200 people in the company. Perhaps I can help you avoid some pitfalls, perform some due diligence or in general provide a second opinion on technical matters vs your in-house or outsourced development team(s).

POC buildings

In computer vision, machine learning, quantum computing and general where “advanced” numerical or algorithmic work is involved. In my professional work I’ve created many POCs in these areas and having an experienced hand involved in your POC project can save a lot of time, effort and money by correctly scoping the projects and knowing some nice tricks to speed up POCs.

Do not hesitate to contact me for more in-depth discussions.