I’m Aleksander - a Norwegian living in Madrid, Spain.

I’m a quantum software technical lead at Pasqal where I work cross-functionally across our quantum software (libraries + emulation) and cloud platform. The rest of my time I dedicate to exploring LLMs/ChatBots (especially with Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) techniques) and running LLMs on edge-devices.

Twice I’ve tried to create my own startups, both times failing early. Once in the area of renting clothes to combat fast fashion and another in modernizing the construction industry. Those are good examples of industries that I’m interested in targeting as I believe that they have both large addressable markets, but there there can be large social and environmental gains to be had.

Currently I’m looking into the tourism and hospitality industry in a similar manner.


Email me at awennersteen@gmail.com

Connect with me at LinkedIn.com/in/awennersteen

In relation to Pasqal you can reach me at first.lastname@companyname.com.